overspray removal questions

Q. how will having overspray removed effect my paint finish? our overspray removal processes
have been found safe by automotive manufacturers and has been proven to be clearcoat safe.
our unique system has proven to be as gentle as possible. using multiple gentle steps, we remove
the overspray without harming the factory clear coating.

Q. how does overspray pros keep thier prices much lower than the national overspray removal companies?
by utilizing low cost, direct mail to contractors, along with our free internet advertising. 
we do not advertise in national trade magazines. we are regionally located, we only cover california.                                                                 
Q. the local car wash gave me a quote of $100 to clean the overspray? why should I go to you?
most likely what happen, they will charge you for the car wash , and charge you for their version
of 'overspray removal', that will only include claying the body and a light coating of low cost wax,
no polishing with
minimal molding/trim work. they will use razor blades on your glass causing permanent damage.

overspray pros methods are both safe and effective in keeping your factory vehicle's finish intact.
original factory paint will be the best paint. our method is completely designed around  being as safe
and gentle to the factory finish as possible. every meticulous step of polishing & waxing 
includes very polymers conditioning and sealing  to your paint for a beautiful long lasting finish.
we save your factory finish!, and help extend the life of it with our process!

Q. how do you clean the trim and moldings? my local car wash and body shop says they can not.
where they fail, we succeed. experience matters, 25+ years of overspray removal, we have cleaned more trim
and moldings to perfection than any company located in california . we utilize many different products
and techniques to match the type of molding, with the type of overspray that has adhered to the moldings.

Q. what products does overspray pros use during the procedure? 
we use 'clay magic' clay bars, ultra soft foam polishing pads, microfiber towels, specialty cleaning pads
designed by 
3M for the moldings & trim & rubber. 3M & Meguiars polishing products for every stage of the
detailing process.
we blend polymers in our polishes & light compounds during the process ~ then apply a
polymer finish coating
we use the best products on the market, the cars look amazing when finished.

Q. how much does overspray removal cost for most cars? expect to pay between  $185  to $285  per car,
upon the intensity of overspray, vehicle location, type of material, color of car, and labor hours.

Q. will my insurance cover overspray?: many contractors have expected a $500 deductable per occurrence,
when reality is
 a $500 deductable per vehicle. better to know in advance your coverage for an overspray claim, 
most contractors are not covered. read the fine print, ask your agent , find out exactly what your policy covers.
overspray removal tips for contractors
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