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JPCL ~  tips on handling overspray claims - by jon thomas ~ april-1998(edited and updated for internet)

It is the  phone call that can send a painting contractor into a real life nightmare. the voice on the end of the line says
"we are getting numerous reports that cars and trucks have been oversprayed due to the painting operation onsite"

the following 10 points offer guidance for painting contractors faced with overspray claims, these tips are intend
to help contractors through a difficult situation with as little emotional and financial stress as possible.

#1 stay calm: through this emotional situation, which you probably don't have all the answers, keeping calm and
concerned will make a world of difference in handling claimants, the general contractor, and the detailer.

#2 investigate: find out as much as possible. get information about spray dates, the types and colors of the of
paint that has been sprayed, the number of vehicles affected, weather conditions, the presence of other contractors
previously on the site. and the possibility of other painting projects in the area. a paint analysis maybe exonerate you.

#3 accept responsibility: if your paint is on their vehicle, I have seen situations in which the painting contractor had to
pay for detailing even when the vehicle owner drove past warning signs It is not fair , but unless the area is coned off\ and caution tape enclosing the parking area, the contractor will be at fault.

#4 stabilize the claim: try to establish a deadline for persons to turn in their vehicles for claims, inspect these vehicles
personally to verify. best place to inspect is the side windows and side moldings and trim, every windshield has chips.
reassure the vehicle owners that the vehicles can be detailed, and that painting is not necessary, nor practical.

#5 choose a competent detailer: it is a tremendous advantage to know, and have worked with a detailer who has
extensive experience with overspray removal claims. the skill required to remove overspray is far above the average
mobile car wash guy, especially urethanes and epoxies. choose wisely- burned paint jobs, scratched glass and mirrors
ruined moldings, and swirls in the finish will very quickly turn an overspray situation from bad to much, much worse.

#6 know the procedure: have the vehicles pre-inspected for dings, paint blemishes, and scratches on the paint, glass
and mirrors. make sure the detailers products and procedures are up to date. we use clay bars, foam polishing pads, microfiber towels, specialty cleaning pads designed by 3M for the moldings & trim & rubber amd polymer coatings

#7 create a positive atmosphere: let the detailer know the trouble spots before starting the project, sort out the
difficult vehicles and people , and then schedule them later if possible. confidence builds confidence , so find the positive
people and take care of them early. cleaning tires and wheels, working on light scratches as a courtesy, always helps.

#8 close out the claims: when the vehicles are finished try to have the owners sign that they have been completed and satisfied with the overspray removal process. address any other issues before reporting back to the project manager.

#9 misc tips: expect to pay between $145 to $225 per car for a local detailer , a national overspray removal company
will charge between $250 to $350 per car, assuming you have multiple cars. you are buying time and experience and travel expenses with the national overspray companies. if you attempt to clean the oversprayed vehicles yourself see our  overspray removal tips  page on this website. it will point you to various retail products, and basic instructions.

#10  Insurance coverage: make sure your insurance company will cover overspray, many contractors have expected a $500 deductable per occurrence, in reality it was a $500 deductable per vehicle. better to know in advance
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