overspray removal tips - how to clean overspray off car

 ~ wash mitt ~ 
microfiber mitt
~ chamois ~             chamois
 ~ microfiber towells ~       microfiber towells
overspray removal ~ denatured alcohol
denatured alcohol
clay magic kit ~ the LARGER auto zones carry it
   clay magic kit
overspray removal ~ goof off 2            goof off #2  
only use 0000(very fine) steel wool on glass       0000 steel wool         dirtex window cleaner    
   window cleaner      Regular goof off       regular goof off   miguairs liquid wax       meguiars liquid wax                                         meguiars clay bar               

10 overspray removal tips for contractors and vech owners

If you are faced with an overspray problem and have to repair yourself, you will find these tips helpfull. our overspray removal
process is more complex,but these tips will work for waterbased
overspray, urethanes/epoxy oversprays are more time intensive
and require a higher skill level. the products listed here can be found at most home depots, o'reilys auto part stores, and commercial painting contractor supply stores. good luck ! 

#1 wash the vehicle using a car wash soap & microfiber mitt/towels

#2 dry with chamois and follow up with micro fiber towels.

#3 with a clean car you can start claying body panels,glass,etc.

#4  the clay bar I use and recommend is clay magic blue bar.
 this can be found at most o'reilly auto parts in the detail section.
 ask the salesman, sometimes they keep clay behind the counter


the official clay magic/auto magic video below for more tips)

 meguiars white clay bar kit works well too, and is much easier to find.
 do not use the meguiars yellow clay bar,it is worthless for overspray.  use the white bar, look closely at the boxes, meguiars makes 2 bars.
yellow bar feels like rubber, and does not remove the overspray.

 the  white bar kit includes lubrication spray, you can dilute that spray  down with water to make it last longer.pour their 16 oz spray into an  empty 1 gallon bottle, and fill with water. then just pour the solution  back into the sprayer, will last much longer and will work just fine.  

#5 mirrors-
only use a tiny piece of clay bar with a coat of liquid wax applied on the glass surface of the mirror, the wax will destroy the
piece of clay but will clean the mirror safely without scratching.
#6 clay all the hard surfaces, painted moldings, plastic lights,etc
 moving in one direction, using a watered down glass cleaner
 or mixture of water and armorall at 20/1, as a light lubrication.
 keep the bar very clean, and all surfaces clean. rinsing the bar
 with a hose also cleans the bar. do not drop the bar in the dirt!

 lf you do drop the bar, do not pick out the dirt with your fingers.
 only use water to pressure wash out the dirt particles, or take
 a razor blade and cut out the section of clay that is soiled.

#7 soft trim/rough plastic use a 20/80 mixture of armorall product
 and denatured alcohol or goof off 2 plastic cleaner (not goof off)
 denatured alcohol and glass cleaner mixed also works on the body
 surfaces to remove most waterbased overspray.

#8 finish with a light coating of liquid Meguiar's Cleaner Wax.

#9 0000 steel wool+window cleaner on glass(do not touch mirror)
 l like to use a clay bar on the glass 1st, then use steel wool for
 final touch-up, less stress on the glass, make sure the glass is
 clean before you start, even a small bit of dirt can scratch glass.

#10 final detail entire vehicle with a detailing finish spray.


do not use razor blades on auto glass, auto glass is much softer than regular home and industrial building glass. clay bars with lubricant is your best application. or putting a small amount of liquid wax on 0000 a steel wool pad is a good idea. dirtex is a great high strength window cleaner that works on overspray.                 
for any type of mirrors in house or on a vehicle only use a clay bar.         
If you do find yourself cleaning house glass or industrial building glass with a razor blade, use the single edge razor blades in a holder. put on the glass a coating of liquid wax 1st, or spray with armorall, both will work as lubricants. using a new blade move only in a forward direction, not a back and forth motion. change the blades often, a dull blade will scratch the glass. 
removing tar splatter from the bottom of car panels
try a mixture of, liquid wax 50%/50% regular goof off, with a rough
towel, or ultra fine scotch pad,you need a little abrasive along with the solvent/wax mixture to remove stubborn tar splatter that has dried.

regular goof off is solvent based ~ goof off 2 is alcohol based

Good luck, hope this is helpful, click the home button for our service
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